Wednesday, February 15, 2012

14 Feb '12: A Paleo Pregnancy (Week 23)


I woke up this morning feeling like someone had grabbed my head in a vise-like hold AND stuffed a sh!tload of super thick mucus into my chest and sinus cavity.  Oh Theraflu... how I miss you!  How much longer do I have again?  Oh right... until Kettlebell is weaned.  That's just f@ck!ng dandy.  Is it too early to tell KB "see the things I do for you???" yet???

Anyhoo, I'm super busy at work this week so there's no chance of getting a day off this week (and if things go well at work this week, no chance of getting this weekend off either!).  Thank goodness I have Nom Nom's Bone Broth all ready to go today.  As soon as I made it downstairs, I strained the broth (but I kept the carrots because I like carrots).

Then I chucked the chicken and the rest of the ingredients back into a (now washed) slow cooker and left instructions for my MIL to turn the crockpot to "LOW" at 11.  Looking back, I need to friggin' work on my Chinese grammar.  I'm too embarrassed to take a picture to show you but suffice it to say that sometimes when I'm writing something in Chinese, I know how I want to write it in English (in proper grammar) and I'll proceed to do a direct translation in Chinese which will result in one convoluted Chinese sentence.  'Nuff said.

I was just settling down to drink a nice big bowl of hot bone broth when I heard Chubster calling for me.  Damn.  That kid wakes up too damn early when he's sick.  It's a good thing he's pretty cute, even with all that snot.

Anyway, we hung out as much as possible until MIL was ready to take over, but not before Chubster practically drank my entire bowl of bone broth and ate a banana for breakfast.  I still wasn't ready to eat anything solid so I just helped myself to another bowl of bone broth and went to work.

Just like yesterday, I was filling up my tummy on lots and lots of liquids.  Lots of hot green tea!  Lots of EmergenC!  I brought my lunch of last night's leftovers...

... but I just couldn't find any room in my tummy to fit solid food.  Plus, it's really hard trying to eat and breathe at the same time.  My head and chest feels so congested it's like someone just stuck cement in there and no matter how many times I blow my nose and hack up a loogie (I know... it's seriously THE MOST attractive thing I can be doing in the middle of my office on Valentine's Day).  The only way I can breathe is through my mouth and it's annoying to chew-chew-BREATHE!-chew-chew-BREATHE!-chew-chew-BREATHE!-swallow-BREATHE!

I couldn't wait to get home and be done with the day.  Thank goodness I had the chicken all ready to go...

... and MIL whipped up a quick stir-fry of yellow squash and celery.

And here's my dinner plate:

If you're wondering where my celery disappeared to, it's because I can't stand celery unless it's super tasteless and mushy (and yet I love celery root... go fig).

I ended the night the same way I began the day:  a nice big bowl of bone broth...

... that Chubster managed to slurp down before I did!  That kid's a thief!

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