Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Cajun Catfish

I LOVE fish and so when I saw this seasoning at the Farmers' Market in Campbell, I couldn't wait to get it home to shake on some of those slippery critters.  This spice blend isn't particularly spicy but it adds such a nice flavor to firm fish (so um... if you want spicy, then definitely sprinkle on some cayenne pepper to really kick your tastebuds in the pants!).  Seriously though, this dish was so simple and quick that I had dinner on the table in less than half hour, from start to finish!

What you'll need:
-  2 - 3 catfish filets

Spice Hound's Cajun Rub

-  Sea salt (for taste)

1.  Pat filets dry with paper towels and sprinkle (both sides!) with seasoning to your liking.

2.  Pan-fry in oil of choice (I used bacon fat here) over medium-high heat until fish flakes easily.

3.  Serve with favorite side-dishes (I have half an avocado and stir-fried spinach) and enjoy!

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