Monday, October 10, 2011

10 Oct '11: Workout Log: Those Damn Shoulder Presses!

Yeah yeah yeah... it's been a while since I posted anything.  But seriously, I've been damn lucky to even make it into the box lately to work out since my crazy working-7-days-a-week thing started happening at the start of September.  That and I've suffered a technological setback:  my laptop has decided that it wants to be a desktop (battery has died-ed) AND the touchpad will not work (which means I need to find my bluetooth mouse... wherever the heck THAT is!).  Rest assured, I have a couple new recipes up and coming for y'all AND if you all just wait patiently until Christmas Day, you will ALL be in for a surprise (read:  there's going to be a sh!tload of backlogged posts about an awesome rawesome topic coming up on THAT day).  Anyhoo, I got started off by practicing my double-unders and going for the single-single-single-double rhythm.  Lo and behold, I was able to continue (unbroken!) for what seemed like a fracking eternity before I got tired and ended up tripping myself rather gracefully (nobody saw that, right?  Good!).

Warm-ups:  10 each of the following
  • Assisted (blue band) kipping pull-ups
  • Divebomber push-ups I'm VERY PROUD to announce I did these... albeit very slooooooowwwwwlllyyyyyyyy
  • DEEP side lunges With feet pointing straight ahead, go into deep side lunge
  • OHS (overhead squats) with 15kg bar Is it just me or is the 15kg feeling waaay heavier today?

Strength Workout:  Shoulder Presses (SP)
I don't like shoulder presses.  When we did these last week, it was part of a Max Effort WOD in which we did Back Squats, followed by Shoulder Presses, followed with Deadlifts.  My friend T and I were feeling all awesome for killing it on the Back Squats (woot!  We're almost back squatting our body weight!) only to find our one rep max on Shoulder Presses to be maybe 1/4 of our back squat weight (let's not even talk about the measly fraction of our one-rep max deadlift please).  I know that Cuppy Power mentioned a while back that to get bigger arms, I really should work on shoulder presses (Cuppy, we've definitely been working on it even though I forgot to reply to you AND have been  negligent in posting about it!).  Even so, there's nothing like good ol' shoulder presses to reinforce my notion that really, I'm actually quite weak sauce.

I paired up with Erok (who announced that he and his insanely beautiful and incredibly awesome girlfriend are now engaged!) who hadn't done shoulder presses in a while (not to mention that he was pretty much AWOL the entire month of September due to studying for his GMAT).  Start at 50% eh?  Let's have a look:

Hmm... that 21kg (46lbs) sure feels incredibly heavy.  Maybe I wasn't as weak sauce as I thought!  I did the first set of 5 okay.  I even barely managed to squeak by the next round of 25kg!  But when it came time to do my set of 70% (29kg), I could barely get the bar upwards past my chin!  What the heck?!?!  While Erok went for his shoulder presses, I quickly checked my notebook at the last set of shoulder presses I did.  See?  The top number says "21kg" and the top number is usually 50%... unless I have "70%" written right next to it!

Man, I really suck.

Workout:  Front Squats, Pull-ups, and Push-ups

  • 15 front squats (25kg bar)
  • 15 assisted (blue band) kipping pull-ups
  • 15 knee push-ups
  • 10 front squats
  • 10 assisted (blue band) kipping pull-ups
  • 10 knee push-ups
  • 5 front squats
  • 5 assisted (blue band) kipping pull-ups
  • 5 knee push-ups

I don't remember how long it took me to do this WOD, only to say that I finished this in less than 8 minutes and I was definitely the last one (poopy).  It felt like a struggle to really push myself through the last set of push-ups and I felt like just cheating a bit and just doing pulse-ups.  Unfortunately, that little bit of me somewhere inside said "hell NO!" and I ended up doing the push-ups (with elbows by my sides the entire time).  I also briefly contemplated doing wide push-ups (which, in my opinion, would be a hell of a lot easier and faster!) but since I was the last one, I just knew that all eyes would be on me to make sure my form was correct.  Blast being the last!!!

Post-workout meal?  Roasted sweet potato and beef jerky.

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