Sunday, May 15, 2011

Simple Pan-Fried Fish

An unbelievably easy dish to prepare, especially when you're short on time and just want to throw something healthy onto the dinner table.  Unfortunately, I don't remember what this fish is called (it's definitely NOT a sardine!), but this recipe can be easily applied to most fish (uh... as long as it fits in your fry pan!).

UPDATE:  The fish is called "smelt" (22 May 2011)

What you'll need:
-  Fish (scaled, rinsed, patted dry with paper towels and scored)

Avocado oil

-  Sea salt (for taste)

Coconut aminos

-  Green onions (sliced diagonally)

1.  Season scored fish with some sea salt

2.  In large nonstick pan, heat enough avocado oil over high heat.  Add fish to pan and cook until light golden brown on both sides

3.  Drain fish on paper towels before transferring to serving plate.  Lightly drizzle coconut aminos over fish and top with green onions.  Enjoy!

Recipe is flexible and can be used for other fish, like cod:


  1. This look yummy. Does anyone know what kind of fish this is??

  2. Looks like a kipper or herring. Essentially a big sardine. Looks yummy, might try it with sardines!

  3. Could be smelt. Where were they caught/purchased?

  4. Sorry about the fish mystery everyone!

    I bought the fish from Mission Fresh Fish at the local Farmer's Market (Mountain View, CA) for $3/lb (total of 7 fish). I asked the gal who sold me the fish but there was a lot of people around as well (shoot... it felt like I was in Chinatown!) and when I turned around, I promptly forgot. :( I've even tried calling them earlier today but they haven't returned my calls. Double :(

    I bought these thinking they were actually sardines because there's a dish where you pan-fry sardines and top off with fermented black beans. Again, this recipe is pretty easy and universal and will work with most fish, so long as you score the fish to make sure it'll cook quickly and evenly.

    If it's absolutely dire and you *need* to know the name of the fish, I'll ask the peeps at the market again this Sunday. I PROMISE I'll write it down! :D