Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sweet Potato Gnocchi

I got the idea for this from a friend of mine after a quick back-and-forth with another friend about rainbow kale.  So I decided to take up the challenge and did a quick search on Google on how to make it.  After doing some looking, I came across this recipe and I've tweaked it a bit and it could still use further refinement but overall, it wasn't half bad!  D, this is for you!

I should probably also mention that because this is a completely gluten-free dish, you need to be flouring your dough like CRAZY!  And because I was an idiot and doubled the amounts for the original recipe, I definitely suggest you cut everything I've done down below by half!  :D

UPDATED (30 May 2011):  I made some changes to this recipe tonight and it came out AWESOME.  Hopefully you'll find it just as awesome as I did (and thanks to everyone for your patience on this revision)!!!

What you'll need:

-  2 small- to medium-sized sweet potatoes, roasted, peeled, and mashed

Yes, there are FOUR, but this pic is OLD.  Use TWO.  And brush with some avocado oil before going into a 350F oven for 45minutes

Right outta the oven!

Peeled and ready to mash with the back of your fork (but don't forget to put TWO of those FOUR away)!

-  2 eggs
-  1 tbsp ground ginger
-  1 tbsp ground cinnamon
-  1 tsp sea salt
-  4+ cups of sweet potato flour

-  3 shallots, chopped/minced

-  Half clove garlic, chopped

Coconut oil

1.  Add ground ginger, salt, and eggs to mashed sweet potatoes in bowl.  Mix thoroughly.

2.  Add sweet potato flour slowly (I did a couple tablespoons at a time) and mix thoroughly until you have soft dough.  Use more or less flour as needed.

3.  Add some sweet potato flour to board upon which you'll be rolling out your dough

4.  Add your soft dough

5.  Roll dough up into a ball

6.  Cut ball in half first...

... then fours (making sure to keep dough balls floured)

7.  Roll out one ball into ropes roughly the size of cigars (keep everything floured!)

8.  Flour your knife thoroughly and proceed to cut the ropes...

... into approximately 1 inch-thick pieces.

9.  Set gnocchi aside on a platter

10.  Boil some salted water

11.  Slowly add the gnocchi to the boiling water.  They'll sit at the bottom.

12.  Gnocchi is done cooking when they start to float to the surface of the boiling water.

13.  Drain cooked gnocchi and dunk in ice-cold water (minus the ice cubes) to firm up the gnocchi

14.  In cast-iron skillet, add enough coconut oil to cover bottom of pan over medium-high heat

15.  Add shallots and garlic and saute until fragrant

16.  Add gnocchi to the skillet.  Make sure to add just enough and avoid overcrowding (like what I did here).  Sear the gnocchi.

17.  Serve up as a side to your main dish and some sauteed vegetables and enjoy!


  1. Oh, that sounds delicious! Some cinnamon would make it perfect :)

  2. Lovely pics and sound fab, will have to try, thanks

  3. Thanks for stopping by, Amy! As I mentioned in the beginning, this recipe could still use a bit more tweaking as this was really just my first pass at it. But please let me know how it turns out for you! ;D