Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Recipe: Lemon-Pepper Roasted Chicken

What you'll need:

-  6 chicken thighs/whole legs

-  1 - 2 lemons

-  lemon pepper
-  sea salt

1.  Wash chicken and pat dry with paper towels.  Place in baking dish.

2.  Squeeze lemon over chicken, making sure to thoroughly cover each chicken piece

3.  Add some sea salt (for taste) and sprinkle on the lemon pepper seasoning (and don't be shy about it!).  If you really want the lemon taste to POP, I suggest adding some fresh lemon zest to each piece of chicken.

4.  Let chicken sit for about 10 - 15minutes (probably while your oven is heating up to 400F)

5.  Roast chicken in oven for 35 - 45min (or until chicken is done)

6.  Serve and enjoy!

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